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Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Services in Dublin, Powell, and Upper Arlington

In addition to residential landscaping service, Ohio Groundskeeping has a number of commercial clients around Central Ohio. These commercial businesses trust us to keep their property looking professional, well-maintained, and presentable for any employee or customer who is looking to walk through their doors. 

There is nothing worse than having a property with loose leaves on the grass, uneven mowing, weeds, or untrimmed bushes. It not only reflects poorly on the owner or landlord of the property, but also on the business itself.

The first impression for many is the front entryway of your office space. Is there a nice garden with colorful flowers? Is there a water feature with a pond creating a peaceful oasis? Having a tasteful first impression can leave a a favorable impression on anyone.

If you are looking to build or maintain a special commercial property with professional landscaping, Ohio Groundskeeping is the team to call. 

We bid on all types of jobs and can offer a comprehensive solution to any business looking for a new provider. Please, give us a call or fill out the form and we would be happy to discuss how we facelift your unique business space.

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Landscaping outside a business located in Powell
Landscaping the front area outside of a Restaurant

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Why Do Businesses Need Landscaping?

There are many reasons for which a business may want to seriously consider hiring a professional landscaping team for the upcoming season to maintain their property. The first, and most important, is that your business is your priority! You don’t have the time or resources to afford doing the job yourself. It is easiest and most time-efficient to hire someone who performs landscaping and lawn care work for a career.

Secondly, the outdoor appearance and aura surrounding your building can provide an increased curb appeal. Simply by way of landscaping, the perceived value and status of your business can go up. Employees can have pride that they work at such a well kept location. Even hosting corporate events can be more enjoyable when a newly installed deck or patio is ready for use. Ohio Groundskeeping services all types of commercial properties from golf courses, shopping centers, and restaurants, to car dealerships, shops, and everything in between.

Getting these services completed can completely transform your space and elevate many aspects of your business. Avoiding services such as these can prove to be a negative for your business. If you are a business curious about landscaping or are looking for a new lawn care provider, fill out our free estimate form. To get started right away, give us a call!

Commercial Landscaping Services

When it comes to what services Ohio Groundskeeping will perform, the list is long. Outdoor renovations are what we do, and businesses along with commercial spaces need some of the most significant enhancements to reach their full potential. Here are just a few of the services we have performed for establishments located in the Dublin, Plan City, Powell, and Upper Arlington areas:

  • Sod installation – many commercial properties we engage with are just beginning the landscaping process. As such, we have many instances where grass needs installed to create a lawn. As one of the leading sod installers in Columbus, we are trusted by some of the largest companies in the industry including Scott’s. Our team was selected the first in Ohio to lay the Scott’s Pro Vista sod down with it’s proprietary shade technology. If your business is looking to start fresh with sod, we have the team to lay it.
  • Planting Seed – if sod isn’t the right choice for you, we are fully capable of planting your new lawn as well. This requires specific timing, watering, and consistency to ensure it grows most effectively. Not only will we spread the seed and ensure seed to soil contact in all locations, we will educate you on how to best take care of the lawn as it grows. Should you be looking to plant grass for your commercial space, Ohio Groundskeeping can execute.
  • Irrigation – sometimes watering can be too much of a hassle to handle on your own. This is where irrigation systems come in. Well-placed and adequately powered irrigation can be the difference between a brown and crusty lawn and a beautiful green carpeted one. We handle every step from design to installation for your commercial irrigation.
  • Patios and Walkways – sometimes you just need a space to sit outside and relax on lunch break. Or you could be in need of outdoor seating for your restaurant. Whatever the need, Ohio Groundskeeping can install your patios exactly to your specifications. From stamped concrete to pavers and everything in between, beautiful patios (and their accompanying walkways) are something we specialize in.
  • Landscape Lighting – having a well-light area as you walk into or out of a commercial building can add just the right touch of ambiance and functionality that is perfect for what you are looking for. Our team has installed countless lighting systems ranging from free standing lights to lights incorporated into deck stairways or railings. Depending on your location, we can “light” the way for your next landscaping project!
  • Retaining walls – sometimes splitting up uneven landscapes can add curb appeal and style that only a retaining wall could achieve. Offering functionality and sturdiness, you can trust our team will install a retaining wall that can withstand whatever you throw at it. Using a variety of stones or pavers, we can bring your retaining wall to life.

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