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Lawn Care

Lawn Care Services in Dublin, Ohio

How many times do you find yourself googling lawn care near me? A typical lawn care provider usually provides the bare minimum, like mowing and edging.  There is only one way this ends; otherwise you’ll be searching for a lawn service near me again.

At Ohio Groundskeeping, we offer comprehensive lawn care services to change your backyard into the garden of your dreams. Maintaining your lawn can be challenging, but not for our skilled team.  We’ll ensure that we work till you’re satisfied with the end product.

If you want your lawn to stay healthy in all seasons, you should contact Ohio Groundskeeping. We do more than just lawn mowing, which means we’ll take care of all aspects of your lawn.  This includes pest control and fertilization.

Professional Lawn Care in All Seasons

Here, at Ohio Groundskeeping, we specialize in taking care of every aspect of your lawn each season.  Our job isn’t easy, but we have a skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment to help us out. If you’re still wondering if you should opt for our services, here’s how we can transform your lawn:

  • Our crew has extensive landscaping experience and can rapidly evaluate your lawn’s condition and identify its specific requirements
  • We have all the tools to maintain your lawn, including trimmers, mowers, and aerating tools
  • We extensively study your lawn to ensure we’re on the right track
  • Once you hire us, you can forget about your lawn’s care. Our company has everything that is required to maintain your property all-year-round

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New lawn installation with Scott's turf sod
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Weed Control and Fertilizing Services

If your grass isn’t looking its best, it might be due to a lack of water, soil compaction, or pests like grubs. In these cases, we recommend our clients opt for our weed control and fertilizing service.  We’ll perform routine aeration and grub control to maintain your lush and green lawn.

Our landscaping services are one of the best in the industry. We take pride in working with the right experts and tools to ensure your lawn is healthy. Here, at Ohio Groundskeeping, we use the right chemicals that are safe for you, your lawn, and the environment.

Before fertilization, we’ll analyze your lawn and determine your lawn goals to ensure we end with the right final product. Using the right fertilizer is essential to the health of your lawn, and we’ll make sure we do a good job.

Lawn Mowing Dublin

Have you driven past that house on the block that doesn’t mow their lawn? The house looks like a mess, and you don’t want your house looking like that. We recommend you opt for our lawn mowing services so that we can keep your garden spick-and-span.

You risk breaking the grass if you don’t mow your lawn using the right tools. This creates dry patches in your lawn, which aren’t easy to eliminate. We use sharp blades and the right mowing tools to get the job done.

Ohio Groundskeeping does its best to ensure you get the final product you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today!

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