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Pergola Installation in Dublin, Powell, and Upper Arlington

Pergolas are a wonderful embodiment of elegance and functional design that looks great in any backyard. At Ohio Groundskeeping, we take pride in our extensive experience in installing pre-built or custom pergolas that elevate any outdoor space. As trusted experts in Dublin, Upper Arlington, and Powell, our mission is to guide you through the world of pergolas and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision for your home. 

Whether you are looking for a simple pergola for the shade or a more robust structure with louvers, we have the team to install it for you!

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No need to search any longer! A wonderful way for Columbus residents to enhance their outdoor space is with a covered pergola. Ohio Groundskeeping specializes in covered pergola installation, offering a range of benefits beyond aesthetics. Our pergolas provide shelter from the elements, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor oasis, rain or shine.

We customize each pergola to your unique needs, considering factors like space, materials, and design. As such, you can be confident that your dream pergola can come to life exactly the way you imagined. With years of experience serving Dublin, Upper Arlington, and Powell, our skilled craftsmen ensure durability and quality. You can trust Ohio Groundskeeping for expert guidance, professionalism, and impeccable craftsmanship. Ohio Groundskeeping is an authorized retailer with Temo, one of the largest and most reputable sunroom, pergola, and patio cover manufacturers in the country for over 50 years.

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Beautiful pergola overlooking the backyard property of a Dublin area home
Extravagant stone pergola installed in the backyard of a Dublin home

Professional Pergola Installation

Louvered Pergolas

Ohio is unique – the weather is always changing! Why not unveil the versatility of louvered pergolas to keep you flexible and help accommodate any type of weather. Many local residents prefer louvered pergolas for their unique look, modern materials, durability, and style.

Louvered Pergola Benefits: Louvered pergolas offer the perfect blend of open-air charm and sheltered comfort. With adjustable louvers, you can effortlessly control sunlight and shade, adapting your outdoor space to changing weather conditions.

Backed by years of experience serving Dublin, Upper Arlington, Powell, and Greater Columbus, Ohio Groundskeeping is your go-to choice for louvered pergola installation. Our team uses the best equipment and only works with the best materials to ensure we can stand behind our products. Elevate your outdoor living space with a louvered pergola from Ohio Groundskeeping and enjoy the flexibility to tailor your outdoor experience. Contact us today for a free estimate and discover the allure of louvered pergolas firsthand.

Wooden Pergolas

For those looking to install a classic wooden pergola, they offer a number of wonderful benefits and styles that are sure to catch the eye of the neighborhood.

Timeless Appeal: Wooden pergolas hold a special place in the hearts of Ohioans. Their natural beauty and classic design seamlessly blend with the picturesque landscapes that characterize the state. Crafted from high-quality wood, these pergolas exude warmth, adding an inviting touch to your outdoor space. Whether surrounded by the vibrant colors of spring or the golden hues of autumn, wooden pergolas create a charming focal point that stands the test of time.

Functional Value: Beyond aesthetics, wooden pergolas serve a practical purpose in Ohio’s ever-volatile weather. They offer a sheltered retreat during sweltering summer afternoons, providing shade and relief from the heat. As autumn brings its unpredictable rains, your wooden pergola becomes a cozy haven, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without getting soaked. When the snow falls, your pergola transforms into a picturesque frame for your winter wonderland. This adaptability ensures that your outdoor space remains usable year-round.

Added Versatility: Wooden pergolas are also a canvas for your creative aspirations. Hang string lights for a magical ambiance during summer evenings, or adorn them with climbing plants to create a lush, natural canopy. Ohio homeowners appreciate the ability to customize their pergolas to suit their unique style and needs, making them an even more valuable addition to their outdoor living space.

If you are considering a wooden pergola install, give Ohio Groundskeeping a call to speak with our installation professionals or contact us for a free estimate today!

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