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Residential Landscaping

Residential Landscaping For Homeowners in Dublin, Powell, & Upper Arlington

Looking for a way to enhance the appearance and value of your home? Consider investing in professional residential landscaping services from Ohio Groundskeeping. With so many possibilities to revamp your property, it just comes down to deciding what is perfect for you.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of greenery to your front yard, or you want to create a relaxing backyard oasis, we have the expertise and experience to turn your home landscaping project into a reality. Big or small, exhaustive or simple, our comprehensive team of diverse professionals has you covered.

Why Ohio Groundskeeping's Landscaping Company?

Ohio Groundskeeping has established itself as a premier landscaping provider in Dublin, Powell, and Upper Arlington. We have done so by executing on some of the most luxurious and challenging jobs on the market. Not only that, we have provided exceptional customer service from start to finish and our customers continue to tell us so.

Nowadays, the bar for landscaping contractors is quite low. We have remained a staple in Dublin and surrounding areas by the way we conduct business and would love the opportunity to serve you with the Ohio Groundskeeping difference.

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Front yard landscaping including mulching, mowing, and tree installation
Outdoor pergola installed with a patio for a resident located in Upper Arlington
Retaining wall with concrete driveway against a backdrop of landscaping greenery and shrubs

Residential Landscaping Pros in Dublin

Why Hire a Professional Landscaper At All?

There are many reasons to consider investing in professional landscaping services for your home. For one, a well-maintained outdoor environment increases the appearance and financial value of your property. Landscaping can elevate the perception of a mid-tier home to one of the best in the neighborhood by simply delivering professional landscaping.

Secondly, the time and energy necessary to perform high-quality lawn maintenance and landscaping services is significant. We often deploy entire teams of people to your property along with all necessary supplies and equipment to do the job right. If you were attempting to do the same job on your own, the time burden would be immense.

Hiring Ohio Groundskeeping can save you time and headache while also providing the fastest path to top-notch landscaping available. Give us a call today or fill out a contact form for a free estimate on your next home landscaping project.

Residential Landscaping Projects

There are numerous landscaping projects we perform for our customers. Some of these tasks may include:
    • Lawn bed maintenance – this often refers to the removal of debris and items which can prevent your yard from looking or thriving as best as possible. Proper maintenance of lawn beds can contribute to a significant visual improvement in your outdoor space.
    • Spring or Fall Cleanups – As seasons change and weather begins to shift, cleanups become a very common landscaping service in Dublin, Powell, and Upper Arlington. Many customers ask us to clean the place up by removing leaves, twigs, trash, and any other debris or overgrowth that may be impact the upcoming season’s performance.
    • Pruning – should bushes or plants require pruning, our team is able to do it. Cutting branches to appropriate lengths and with the proper technique can mean the difference between beautiful outdoor greenery and dead plant growth.
    • Hedging – everyone knows the look of a finely trimmed hedge. We have an entire team of landscapers dedicated to making your yard look as amazing as possible – including trimming all of your hedge bushes.
    • Retaining walls – sometimes a tasteful divider can help transition one elevation to another or offer a unique dynamic to an otherwise simple yard. We install retaining walls with a variety of materials which can suit your price point and design preference.

    • Mulching – regardless of what mulch bed you had last year, there is always another year to change up the look. Our team handles mulch bed installations as well as the mulch spreading for existing beds.

    • Pool Installation – sometimes the only thing missing from your yard is a beautiful swimming pool. Our team can design and install swimming peoples that would rival anyone else in the state. Additionally, we can build beautiful decks which provide accessibility and visual appeal.

    • Deck Builders – One of the most requested services we receive in Dublin, Powell, and Upper Arlington is the request to build a deck. Many times these decks are composite or traditional wood and we can estimate, handle the HOA paperwork, and build the project in no time flat.

Looking to Hire a Residential Landscaper?